What is commercial refrigeration?

Commercial refrigeration includes cold storage equipments like freezers and refrigerators for commercial kitchens. These units are very important for safely storing perishable food items.

Types of commercial refrigerators we offer:

Reach-in Refrigerator:

This type of cold storage unit is upright and has multiple sections. Cubic feet determines its storage capacity.

Walk-in Refrigerator:

These refrigerators have a large space inside and you can also set up shelves inside the unit. It is great for storing bulk or boxed items.

Refrigerated Prep Table:

This type of refrigerator or freezer are designed to be used in the main kitchen. These units are primarily used for making sandwiches and salads.

Undercounter Refrigerator:

These units are just like the reach-in refrigerators but shorter. They fit in smaller spaces in the kitchen.

Display Refrigerator:

These units have glass doors that display the food products inside.

Bar Refrigeration:

These refrigerators are designed with stainless steel and used in bars.

Reach-in Refrigerator Walk-in Refrigerator Refrigerated Prep Table Undercounter Refrigerator
reach-in walk-in pre-table undercounter

Display Refrigerator Bar Refrigerator
display bar

Commercial refrigeration in Philadelphia

We sell all types and sizes of commercial refrigerators in Philadelphia. Our freezers maintain a temperature of -10˚F – 0˚F.

Commercial refrigerators repair and installation

Our qualified HVAC technicians in Philadelphia provide reliable and effective repair and installation service for all types of commercial refrigerators.
Our service will help you save energy and lower your operating cost. Our commercial refrigerator repair service is available 24/7 throughout the year.