What is radiant floor heating?

Radiant floor heating is the most effective and widely accepted means of heating system for homes and commercial building. This unit supplies heat to your floor, panels in the walls or your ceilings, evenly distributed in the area. The unit generates heat that is relatively constant, it is a highly effective way to heat your home.

Types of radiant heating system we offer:

Air Heated Radiant Floors:

This radiant unit produces heat through solar air heating device. Therefore it can produce heat only in the day time.

Electric Radiant Floors:

This unit utilizes an electric wire that is retrofitted into the floors. These units are cost effective because the electric utility company offers time of use rates. This will allow you to turn on the unit during off peak hours and then the heat stored can be used for eight to ten hours.

Hydronic Radiant Floors:

This is the most popular unit because this is more cost effective than electric radiant heating systems. This system circulates heated water from a boiler or water heater to the tube pattern laid under the floor.

Repair and installation of radiant floor heating system

The main advantage of using our radiant heating system is that it allows you to create different zones in your home and just heat the one that requires heating. This helps in cutting down your energy bills.

This unit can be installed anywhere to provide heat for your bedroom, kitchen, home saunas, icy walkways or cold tile flooring.

We repair all sizes and models of under-floor radiant heating units in Philadelphia. Our experts will study your target floor and plan the customization of the tubes of the heating unit to match the exact size and shape of your floor.

We are experts in radiant floor heating unit specializing in both wet installations for ground floor and dry installation for upper floors.