What is a thermostat?

A thermostat is a part of a control system which maintains the temperature at a desired point. Whatever the temperature is outside, thermostat will regulate the inside temperature as per your need and comfort level.

Types of thermostats we offer in Philadelphia, PA

Comfort Zone provides all types of thermostats at affordable prices.

Mechanical thermostat:

You can easily operate mechanical thermostat. It is comparatively cheaper than other thermostats. It uses basic mechanical parts to control the temperature.

Electronic thermostat:

Electronic thermostat uses electronic gadgets to control the temperature. These thermostats are more effective than mechanical thermostat because they respond faster to temperature variations.

Digital thermostat:

Digital thermostat is like electronic thermostat but it has a digital display. It helps you to set different temperature for different time.

Cylinder thermostat:

Cylinder thermostat is normally used for heating water. The boiler is turned off once the water has reached certain set temperature. Ideally you should set them between 60˚C to 65˚C because it is hot enough to kill all the harmful bacteria.

Mechanical Thermostat Electronic Thermostat Digital Thermostat Cylinder Thermostat
Mechanical thermostat electrical Electronic thermostat Cylinder thermostat

Thermostat repair and installation in Philadelphia

To ensure a smooth operation of your heating and air conditioning units, you should make sure that your thermostat is installed properly.

We have qualified HVAC technicians in Philadelphia trained to handle all types of thermostat repair and installation.

Location plays a vital role in the performance of your thermostat. We will locate your thermostat away from doorways, windows, fans, ducts and sunlight because it affects its ability to sense the temperature.